Stash Introduction

What is STASH?

STASH is a unique, blockchain solution pioneering the future of decentralised finance, combining high-yielding, auto-compounding, auto-staking features with digital banking facilities. This first-of-its-kind utility-based crypto is able to offer banking services virtually through the metaverse, seamlessly merging the real world with the digital world of the future.
With that being said, STASH aims to introduce a revolutionary platform that can supply a stable stream of returns for our users constantly. STASH offers attractive rebase rewards or return on investment every 15 minutes, which is 96 times daily, and 35,040 times annually; totalling an insane yet sustainable fixed APY.

STASH Mission & Vision

STASH is led by an experienced and doxxed team. All members of the team shared the same mindset which is to reap the best returns for our holders. Our aim is to make investors’ life easier in the DeFi world by providing the best user experience with an instant, trustworthy, intuitive platform that complements financial freedom opportunities for our holders without putting too much time into managing their funds. All of these can only be done with STASH’s brilliant rebase algorithm that has been developed by the team with extensive research and testing so that it can work seamlessly for our users.
Simply buy, hodl, sit back, relax and watch your portfolio grow swiftly and steadily. Let $STASH stay in your wallet and auto-compound without staking to get profits. Interest is automatically added to your wallets just by holding it.
Compounding interest is the greatest invention of the world. We who understand it, earn it!
Last modified 9mo ago